Selected Topics in System Security (Lecture)

LecturerGeorg Sigl, Michael Tempelmeier [ML]
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Offered inWintersemester 2015/16
Semester weekly hours2  
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Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

The basic knowledge about security which has been learned in bachelor courses like cryptology or IT security will be applied to current problems and real applications. Students have the opportunity to learn more about new systems and the security threats encountered there. Through industry contributions hot topics from the market will be presented which eases the later start in the job.


In this course different lecturers from Fraunhofer AISEC and industrial partners will present current problems and solutions for IT security of systems and applications.

Previous knowledge expected

Kryptologie and/or intriduction in IT security (z.B. Datensicherheit in Informationstechnischen Systemen)

Teaching and learning method (delivery of skills)


Assessment (exam method and evaluation)

Written exam - if there are less than 15 participants oral examination: 30 min


publications related to the presented problems.

Online information

Additional Information

Offered only in winter semester.