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Bachelor - Master - Forschungspraxis - IDP

Typ Thema Ansprechpartner Status
IP/Bachelor/FP Implementierung und Evaluierung von abgesicherten Sensorknoten Martin Striegel frei
Bachelor/Ingenieurspraxis/Forschungspraxis Automtation of Logic Locking Schemes Johanna Baehr frei
Bachelor/Ingenieurspraxis/Forschungspraxis/Master Machine Learning for Reverse Engineering Johanna Baehr frei
Bachelor/Ingenieurspraxis/Forschungspraxis Modeling of Errors in Netlists Johanna Baehr frei
Bachelor Design and implementation of a heating controller for an FPGA evaluation board Florian Wilde vergeben
Bachelor Implementation of a built-in self test for PUFs Florian Wilde vergeben
Bachelor/Working Student Monitoring and Recovery of i.MX8-based IoT Devices Myklai Protsenko frei
Research Internship/IDP/Working Student Security Features of NXP i.MX Application Processors Myklai Protsenko frei
Forschungspraxis/Master/IDP The Next Level of BCH Codes and PUFs Christoph Frisch vergeben
Master/Research Internship New Error Corrrection Schemes for Physical Unclonable Functions Matthias Hiller frei
Internship/student job Embedded System Programming for Security Experimentation Alexander Giehl, Sven Plaga frei
FP/IP Implementierung eines ANF - CNF Konverters Michael Gruber vergeben
Forschungspraxis/Master Deep Learning Techniques for Side-Channel Attack Lars Tebelmann, Thomas Schamberger vergeben
Bachelor/Master/Forschungspraxis Statistische Fehlerattacken auf SKINNY Michael Gruber vergeben
Bachelor FPGA on-Chip Heizung Robert Hesselbarth frei
Master/Forschungspraxis Side-Channel Attack on PUF Primitives Using Localized EM Lars Tebelmann frei
Bachelor/Master/Forschungspraxis/Werksstudent Improving an Optical Fault Injection Setup Michael Gruber frei
Bachelor/Master/Forschungspraxis/Werksstudent Extending the XFC-Framework to Sponge cryptography Michael Gruber frei
Forschungspraxis/IDP Visualization of Keccak's internal state Florian Unterstein frei
Master/Research Internship Curious Smart Devices Matthias Hiller frei
Bachelor/Master/Forschungspraxis/IDP Side - channel analysis of error - correcting codes for PUFs Michael Pehl frei
Bachelor/Forschungspraxis/IDP Implementation of a Sensitized Path PUF on Xilinx FPGA Michael Pehl frei
Bachelor/Forschungspraxis/IDP Tool Exploration for PUF-Analysis Michael Pehl frei
Master/Forschungspraxis/IDP Security Analysis of PUFs Michael Pehl frei
Bachelor/Master/Forschungspraxis/IDP Implementation of a Secure System Based on PUFs Michael Pehl frei
Bachelor/Master/Forschungspraxis/IDP Compression Algorithms for PUFs Michael Pehl frei
Bachelor/Master/Forschungspraxis/IDP Exploration of Context Tree Weighting as a Compression Algorithms for PUFs Michael Pehl frei
Forschungspraxis/Master Extension of Spatial Correlation Analysis for PUFs Florian Wilde frei
Bachelor/Master/Forschungspraxis/IDP For Further Topics in the Field of Physical Unclonable Functions contact Michael Pehl Michael Pehl frei
Bachelor/Master/Forschungspraxis/IDP Weitere Themen auf Anfrage Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Sigl frei

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Thema Ansprechpartner Status